Setting up MySQL SSL and secure connections

There are different articles on how to setup MySQL with SSL but it’s sometimes difficult to end up with a good simple one. Usually, setting up MySQL SSL is not really a smooth process due to such factors like “it’s not your day”, something is broken apparently or the documentation lies...

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Pre-requisite :
Creating SSL Certificates and Keys Using openssl

New Language Expands on Google's Go

InfoWorld (09/23/16) Serdar Yegulalp

Polish developer Marcin Wrochniak has introduced Have, a computer language that transpiles to and expands on Google's Go. Wrochniak developed Have as a hobby project, with the goal of the language becoming a "companion" to Go that addresses some of its common "landmines." One of the most obvious differences between Have and Go is the formatting; Go uses curly braces similar to C/C++, while Have uses block indents like Python. Other differences address idiosyncrasies in Go. For example, the way that variable declaration, structs, and interfaces work have all been modified in Have to be more consistent with each other and to avoid internal inconsistencies that are a common source of bugs. The new language also plans to add generics to Go, which will enable programmers to create constructs in the language that use type parameters and make it possible to extend Have in ways not readily possible in Go. Have also features "spe…

Lebanese Java User Group: First time git config

Lebanese Java User Group: First time git config: The first thing you should do when you install Git is to set your user name and email address. This is important because every Git commit ...

GIT : forking workflow

Forking Workflow :
The Forking Workflow is fundamentally different than the other workflows discussed in this tutorial. Instead of using a single server-side repository to act as the “central” codebase, it givesevery developer a server-side repository. This means that each contributor has not one, but two Git repositories: a private local one and a public server-side one.

clone a single branch from git repo

git clone -b <branch> --branch <branch> --single-branch git://github/repository.git--[no-]single-branch Clone only the history leading to the tip of a single branch, either specified by the --branch option or the primary branch remote's HEAD points at. When creating a shallow clone with the --depthoption, this is the default, unless --no-single-branch is given to fetch the histories near the tips of all branches. Further fetches into the resulting repository will only update the remote-tracking branch for the branch this option was used for the initial cloning. If the HEAD at the remote did not point at any branch when --single-branch clone was made, no remote-tracking branch is created.

Go Google Go! A Language on Full Throttle

InfoWorld (12/18/13) Serdar Yegulalp

Go, Google's C-like language, recently was ranked at the top of TechEmpower's eighth round of Web framework benchmarks. Go proved to be the strongest in the JSON serialization test, achieving the best peak performance and the lowest latency scores. The high performance with JSON serialization indicates that Go is being performance-tuned for the same set of workloads most directly associated with frameworks such as Node.js. Node.js' lowest performance was at 14.3 percent of Go's speed, while the best was at 69.1 percent. Node.js has the advantage of a broad software development culture--not just through its package repository, but also because there are many more JavaScript programmers than there are Go programmers. Another newcomer in the benchmarks is Facebook's HipHop PHP VM (HHVM), an open source project that compiles PHP into C++ instead of interpreting it. HHVM was designed to replace Facebook's existing PHP-execution fr…